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Anonymous asked: DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR???

i didn’t cut it myself, but i had it cut, yes! :D


For lifeinthefastlanef1 who, forever ago, prompted me with “James’ reaction to Niki’s engagement to Marlene”. This has seriously taken forever, I’m so sorry, hope you enjoy it!

"I’m getting married, James."

The bar is noisy, the rumble of dozens of conversations mixing with echoes of a Rod Stewart album playing on the stereo system, but it suddenly feels like a blanket of silence descends on the table they’re sharing.

At first, he’s sure he hasn’t heard it right. It doesn’t make sense anyway; a moment ago, just before Niki left to get them both some more drinks, they’d been talking about the relative merits of their cars. Such a non sequitur isn’t like Niki in the least. Niki likes his conversations coherent, ordered - the way he likes everything.

He sets his glass back down on the table, slowly. His eyes don’t quite make it all the way to Niki’s face.

"You’re getting…?"

He can’t quite get the word out.

"Married, yes." Niki nod as he repeats his statement, gentle but firm, leaving no room for doubt.

Ah. He hadn’t misheard, then.

It feels a bit like someone has just emptied a bucket full of ice over his head.

"Marlene?" His voice is mostly steady, to his own surprise. He can’t quite bring himself to form a whole sentence – he has no idea what to say anyway, and it’s a horrible, terribly unfamiliar feeling. He’s usually such a good talker, and suddenly it feels like the script has been ripped from his hands, leaving his mouth to come up with the words while his brain tries to sort through the mess.

"Yes, Marlene. Next week-end."

The words sounds final -horribly so. More than anything though, it’s the little smile that makes his way on Niki’s lips when he nods that gets to him. It’s a tiny, content smile, like he’s genuinely happy about it – like he’s getting his dream girl, instead of settling for second best.

Maybe Marlene never was second best after all. Maybe it was just James getting ahead of himself all along.

He has no right to feel betrayed, and yet he does.

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TITLE: Dancing Queen


François Cevert - Chris Amon - (Essai Le Mans 1972) - L’Automobile Février 1972